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Aug. 9th, 2016

[sticky post] Introduction Post

(Not really sure there's someone who read this blog but I'm gonna write this anyway LOL)

Hello I'm Annisa, lived in Indonesia

Mainly I create this blog for the purpose of chasing Hey Say Jump fandom, as I became a huge fans of them last year. And to keep this blog active, I just dump my fanfiction here LOL

This introduction is in english, but I write my fanfiction in Indonesian hahaha
And I don't know what should I write here, so this is it. Nice to meet you!

Feb. 6th, 2017

Random Post 06.02.2017

First post in 2017!
Heading to the new term!
(Hopefully) just one more year in college!

In this term, I need to study more seriously, sleep at 12 a.m sharp, and do my college task seriously
Aside from college stuff, this year I want to write more ff, draw a comic, and I have to save my money in case of emergency!

Dec. 28th, 2016

Random Post 28.12.2016

Welp, 2016 is near the end

Final Test is Comng!!!!!!


Instead of studying

I'm still...
...playing Mystic Messenger... =w=

Never thought I would be so addicted to this game :3

Still in Yoosung's route (my love), but now I'm trying his 3rd bad story end. I have finished his first and 2nd bad story end. One thing that cross my mind while I'm played it was...


They're awful. First we died together, and second we were kidnapped together. Life is cruel to Yoosung :'(
Speaking of the 2nd bad story end, I wonder why I never get used to Saeran's existence. I'm literally screaming whenever he shows up T_T poor Saeran lol.

But I tell myself not to play this game during final test days lol.

Dec. 14th, 2016

Random Post 14.12.2016

It's 3 A.M and I'm not sleeping ! LOL!

Need to write something so this blog remain active haha

Though I have so much assignment I'm still doing nothing and playing...

Mystic Messenger!

I'm late U_U
Now I'm in Yoosung's route and I'm playing the game as if they are real LOL
I got happy, sad, and angry because of him, and that's not hard because I really do like him. He's my type. Cute and happy kid.
(While for his M tendencies... well... XD no comment LOL)

The more I'm into Yoosung's route, I realize that for me, Zen is no more than an eye candy. I was eager to get Zen's route and become his girlfriend simply because he's too handsome and, being a normal single girl, I want a handsome boyfriend LOL.
Zen is like some short fling for me.
And my true love is only Yoosung <3

I sound so delusional and pathetic XD
But playing this game is fun!

Nov. 7th, 2016

Drabble HSJ : Candle Light Dinner (?)

Title : Candle Light Dinner (?)
Author :
Genre : Romance
Character(s) : Yabu Kota, Inoo Kei

Disarankan untuk melihat ini dulu kalau penasaran/bingung/baru pertama baca tag dormlife ^^
Hey Say Jump Dormlife

Candle Light DinnerCollapse )


Iya gua gila karena punya imajinasi kayak begini. Asal usulnya tuh dari, karena aku ELF, kita tau kalau jaman dulu tuh Suju kan tinggal bareng di dorm. Kan asik banget tuh kedengerannya, plus bonding mereka juga bisa lebih dalam lagi karena udah kayak satu keluarga. Makanya, gua penasaran banget, anak-anak Jump ngga di dorm ya? Eh ternyata ngga. Ih, ngga asik banget gua bilang. Dulu gua juga pernah bikin series begini buat Suju, jadi sekarang dibikin aja series edisi Jump.
Fyi, gua ngga bikin series ini sendiri, melainkan sama saudara kembar gua juga. Kalian bisa liat FF yang dia tulis disini atau disini
Tapi kalau ff Dormlife yang di post disini karya gua.

Disarankan kalau baru baca setiap ff yang ber-tag dormlife, baca kesini dulu ya :D
Dunia DormlifeCollapse )
Yak untuk saat ini disini dulu~~~

Oct. 10th, 2016

FF HSJ : Itoshii no Playboy 2

Title : Itoshii no Playboy (Pacarku Kampret) 2
Author :
Genre : Romance
Character(s) : Yabu Kota, Inoo Kei

Part 2 dari ini : Itoshii no Playboy
Pacarku KampretCollapse )

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